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Diversity and Inclusion

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The Problem With Current Diversity &Inclusion Initiatives

Not only do conventional diversity programs not work, but current research shows that they can even hurt diversity development.  The bottom line is that they can lead to a decline in diversity within the organization. If that’s not bad enough, the training may even strengthen stereotypes about a particular race or gender.  Recent attempts to ramp up sexual harassment training has run into a similar barrier, and there is little proof that harassment prevention training is useful either.

The reason these traditional training methods don’t work is that D&I training is unlike any other type of training in the workplace. Teaching employees about D&I is not like showing them how to be efficient at anything else.  Instead, D&I training involves an individuals’ core beliefs.

To maximize performance, engaging the entire workforce, in all its diversity, is a fundamental imperative. Research shows that organizations that unleash the potential of diverse talent innovate faster and see better business results. It starts by attracting proven ability with different perspectives, experiences, and contributions, then building and nurturing an environment where everyone can do their best work. We operate with a capacity-building mindset, based on the premise that all employees can grow, learn, and develop. Reducing bias and barriers to development sign expands any employee’s productivity and level of contribution. Diversity and inclusion should be embedded within all of an organization’s policies, practices, and training.

Joy HR Services works with organizations to build workplaces that attract, retain, and allow the full potential of diverse talent. We provide access to the most extensive talent pools by removing bias from role design, recruitment processes, and reward practices and creating compelling employee value propositions that appeal to diverse groups. We work with leaders to create cultures of inclusion where diversity is intrinsically valued; where every individual can contribute fully; and where talented people can advance through the organization regardless of their gender or background. We work at a broad, strategic level creating the right environment for diverse workforces to succeed. And we work on specific D&I initiatives, including special programs for employee groups that are under-represented.