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Recruitment and On-boarding

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Managing today’s human capital is challenging enough, but you don’t need to make your decisions based on subjective processes and instinct. Joy HR provides a wealth of assessments to help make strategic recruitment decisions. 

With our HR consulting services, recruiting is made simple with cost-effective pricing. Finding the right candidate to fill an open position in your company takes a keen understanding of every possible search method and is a little different for each situation. We adapt our HR recruiting methods based on the what your organization needs. We look at the open requisition, experience & educational level desired, required skills, available candidate pool, desired time-frame, budget, etc. 

A high-quality HR hiring process enhances your employer brand and improves your recruiting process by attracting candidates to your organization, as well as better enables you to hire the right people when you need them.

Employee On-boarding is the process of integrating employees into their new work environment and overseeing their progress during that critical first year. It is the last stage of the recruitment process and is the first step toward retention. It goes beyond the orientation program and is the process of aligning, assimilating, integrating, and transitioning a new employee.

Your employees make a commitment to you and your organization when they accept an offer of employment. At the same time, you have made a commitment to them as a valued part of your workforce. Orientation is an introductory stage in the on-boarding process of new employee and must be a component of the on-boarding process. However, many organizations stop at the employee orientation and conclude any formal program within the first few weeks of employment.

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Our HR consulting staff will make sure that your recruitment and on-boarding is successful every step of the process. We have the tools to assure that your business have a smooth transition from recruitment to on-boarding.